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We’re here to make your life easier, your businesses succeed faster & help them grow on an ongoing basis..

Once you begin to see results, you’ll want to scale faster & have the right tools & information by your side - It’s a godsend to have the right tools & business assets, and also have a team of dedicated people ensuring your success happens.

Our goal is to make you a true winner and achieve the results you deserve!

Every successful entrepreneur is armed with the right tools and resources! Here in the flippin world, it’s no different. As you’re running alongside us in the pack, whilst we are also growing our own businesses and banking profits… We too need the tools to succeed and simplify everything.

Here’s where you get the advantage, and can take advantage of our investments into the mobile app & knowledge base that we are pouring large amounts of time, effort and money into! 

We Proudly Introduce
The ProFlipperz Advantage & Access All Areas

ProFlipperz Advantage is EXCITING! Why? Because with this offer you’re given unlimited upgrades to the ProFlipperz app on an ongoing basis.We’re not a company that makes something just to sell others, the tool you’re accessing is something we use ourselves and look to improve ongoing with our profits to ensure our lives are easier, our businesses run smoother and yield the best results possible.We want this for you too!

With my flippin experience, I know EXACTLY what the ProFlipperz app needs to be equipped with to ensure that I can get the best results for my business as well as yours! I’m not just talking about a couple of shiny bits added to the app to make it look good, I'm talking about highly beneficial elements to make our businesses flourish.

So, here’s what's coming in future upgrades of the
ProFlipperz  App to ensure maximum speedy success for our joint venture!

Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Depop & more...

The aim of the game is to spread the net FAR and WIDE!

To obtain as much targeted traffic & as many eyeballs to our offers as possible. These websites have people looking for what we’re offering & the more places we show our goods.. The quicker and the sale. What we’re building on, long-term is a multi-lister tool that we can use on the go, out and about and not need our computers all of the time!


Imagine being able to go out, find our flips and list them on the go.. Potentially making sales before we’ve even returned home!

future upgrades
Additional Marketplaces

Centralize your changes to listings
(Price changes, Sold out Items, etc)

This is the next step in tech genius, managing inventory is the way to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Managing everything from your app is our focus, and over the coming months you’re about to learn that we practice what we preach our app is going to dominate the flipping realm and you’re getting in at the right time.

future upgrades
Inventory Management

Now, we would be doing you a disservice by just keeping this store builder to ourselves and it’s already being worked on, this is a store builder to help cast the net EVEN wider and it’ll be possible to update the webstore on the go with the ProFlipperz App.Cool right?It is key for any business to have a web presence so don’t worry - We’ve got you covered there too!

future upgrades
Custom ProFlipperz Store -
Host your own .com with our custom Wordpress theme and store builder 
PLUS Our Mobile to Website Updater!

Tracking, information & knowledge are the key to a successful business, this element is being introduced to give you the best insights into your selling performance.

future upgrades
Dashboards & Metrics

Access All Areas

Long term success strategies for your business is yet another vital way to ensure you’re on the right path from day to day, week to week & month to month. This element to this special one time offer that you’ll never see again anywhere else is designed with YOUR needs in mind. Ever got to a point in your business or venture where you think “What Now?”

Well not anymore!

This Access All Areas exclusive access is ongoing information and knowledge base to enhance what you’re building & short-cut your ongoing success. The way we’re planning for the future of your businesses is to ensure the growth continues by providing you the right content to continuously aid you on an ongoing basis.

Access to all area’s is just what it says on the tin, inside the academy… You get to see everything we’re adding from our own knowledge and experience to truly give you the best long-term chance of success.

So, what do you get?

ACCESS ALL AREAS: Unlimited Access to the ProFlipperz Academy with All Additional Training:

Ongoing advanced training modules & Weekly ProFlipperz Tips

To ensure the very best results, we want you to continue getting the best tips, tricks and techniques as well as advanced training that will help you continue to get the best results.

Advanced Store Configuration

A. WooCommerce

B. eBay

i. Categories
ii. Sales Tax Settings
iii. Auto Response Emails
iv. Listing Templates

C. Amazon

i. UPC Codes
ii. Gatekeeping
iii. Win the BUY BOX - If you can get your items featured in the Amazon Buy Box it’s like taking out an ad in the middle of the Super Bowl.
iv. Keywords

D. Etsy

Banner Customizations

E. Ongoing seller training for additional app listing sites!

This section is by far worth the monthly investment alone… Without this, you can still learn how to easily add listings to these listing sites… It’s easy and quick to do using the app…But we’re going to deep-dive in how BEST to do it, to ensure maximum sales! Not forgetting, when we add a new marketplace into the ProFlipperz app, we want to continue to train you on how to make the most with the new marketplaces. In order to keep on track, we will push new learning modules to align with the ProFlipperz App updates!

Market Specific Courses

A. ProFlipperz Twist Training!

ProFlipperz Twist Training!

B. Automobile & Motorcycle Parts

Automobile & Motorcycle Parts

C. Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

With the MANY Specific markets out there, always finding new ones...Always changing, always growing… We will be creating training to give the best possible clarity and education into them, so you can expand your business and profits!

Inside The Minds 

Exclusive Interviews with the students & pros Don’t forget, students become the masters quite often, so when we’re all making efforts to crush the flipping world, we will be exposing all the secrets your fellow flippin family members have uncovered themselves! We’ve already got people in mind for this.. So in these exciting times… Your members' area will grow and grow and grow with likeminded people revealing all! We’re in this together! And the experience shared from others on the same path and hitting success is invaluable!

We will begin with

A. Interview Of Already successful Students

Brian Sherrin - Novice Flipper, over $32k PROFIT since June 2020, Has Business and Shop now, Going Full Time in 2021
Eddie Perez - Experienced with flipping but started again with my training, flipped Segways for $12k profit on one deal
Cory Thayne - Only sold 1 item so far, just getting started and having trouble
Craig Crawford - Experienced businessman and marketer, found pallet niche and taking game to whole new level

B. Inside The Minds Of The Pros

i. ProFlipperz partner Craig Crawford interviews with ProFlipperz Pro Steve Hitson

ii. Special Guest eCom Superstar! (It’s a surprise!)

iii. Interview with Etsy Pro Jordan Gross

Top Flip Alerts Via Email

Never miss an opportunity, with our ear to the ground and access to a large amount of Flipping Pros and students… We will find the best flips for the best profits to share what's hot… And what’s not.

Exclusive Monthly Newsletters

It’s getting juicy! Monthly newsletters to keep you in the loop are a great way to keep you further “in the know” and help your business go in the right direction as well as feeding your flipping knowledge appetite!

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