How A $4M Arbitrage Expert Made 

$11,329 Profit In 140 HRS

Part-time in Lockdown

+ Exclusive Android & iOS App that makes
Arbitrage Crazy Simple For Anyone

Help Your Subscribers Make Money During The Pandemic & Make Recurring Commissions in the Process!

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FREE GIVEAWAY: What's ProFlipperz Free Training? (eBook)

ProFlipperz Four Pillars training is an eBook your customers will LOVE!

We teach them the ins and outs of how to begin a flipping empire and begin making money from the get go with zero money needed!

Once they sign up for the eBook, it's delivered into their email inbox immediately.

We then show them the ProFlipperz Listing Assistant APP to help them make quicker cash and make their lives easier!

What's ProFlipperz? (Software)

ProFlipperz App is an Android & IOS mobile and device application that allows people to run a profitable flipping business whilst cutting out the boring middle man.... It'sboth a barcode scanner that brings up Google Results for for item + Takes the information on autopilot and enters it into the system with images.. Ready to sell!

It's a multi-site lister tool that allows you to post directly to Ebay, Etsy, Shopify & WooCommerce, + Facebook/Twitter/Instagram & TikTok & More...

You also get a task scheduler & many other features to help your customers & Subscribers hit success faster!

We also have SHIPPO... Shipping done from INSIDE their mobile phones... Discount Rates... BOOM!

Why Should Your Subscribers Care?

The objective is to have all the tools you need in one place to make it easier/faster to buy & sell products instead of having to switch through multiple apps


ProFlipperz is tools & training that will show your subscribers how to make money by buying & selling household products locally, nationally & from retail arbitrage... And scale UP!

ProFlipperz helps your subscribers:  

  • Find The Most Viable Products To Trade 
  • Shows the apps & marketplaces to use
  • Gives Them Tools to spot emerging trends & increase profits
  • Shows them how to get started with little or Zero capital 
  • Teaches them How to close the deals for Maximum Return

ProFlipperz App:

This is a software that runs alongside the Training we provide, helping users to save time, money & effort along with getting the crucial information their businesses need when "out in the field" The front end component of software includes a mobile App on Android/IOS and gives users the motivational tools to turn Flipping into a serious business!

This never-done-before mobile app helps you do pricing research from any barcode, stores your frequent searches, manages your tasks/to do’s, & even allows you to list products for sale on multiple platforms at once!

Motivation is the key to successful long term flipping so we will be providing what your subscribers need with the membership: monthly “Top Niche” videos, monthly newsletters, weekly tips, motivation text & email reminders, top flip alerts, and buddy system for accountability.

What's The ProFlipperz Training? 

USP - Why Should Your Subscribers Care?

ProFlipperz is a simple arbitrage system that will show your subscribers how to make money by buying & selling products locally, nationally & from retail arbitrage.

We both know that customers get lost easily in a sea of information... But with the easy to follow training we have...

We take your customers by the hand, train them on how to use the system and teach them what to do to use the app in the best, most efficient way.

They just can't go wrong!

Other Upgrades

Additional Upgrades

The FOURTH Upgrade is a custom built spreadsheet that helps users track their sales, hours spent, work out market trends & what products make them the most money + keep track of expenses for your accounts.

Also included is Steve’s pre-flip checklist & calculator which helps subscribers avoid costly mistakes by reviewing the checklist every flip and quickly plug in info to know your estimated profit before you buy!

Proof of Steve's Massive Success:

The Results of Flipping Products Using THIS System

Retail: $599.99
Bought for: $96
Sold for: $180
Profit: $84
Retail: $205.99
Bought for: $33
Sold for: $60
Profit: $27
Retail: $508.63
Bought for: $81
Sold for: $150
Profit: $69
Retail: $139.99
Bought for: $22
Sold for: $40
Profit: $18
Retail: $164.95
Bought for: $26
Sold for: $50
Profit: $24
Retail: $279.99
Bought for: $45
Sold for: $85
Profit: $40
Retail: $129.79
Bought for: $20
Sold for: $40
Profit: $20
Retail: $190.15
Bought for: $30
Sold for: $60
Profit: $30
Retail: $96.19
Bought for: $15
Sold for: $30
Profit: $15
Retail: $59.99
Bought for: $10
Sold for: $20
Profit: $10
Retail: $65.99
Bought for: $10
Sold for: $20
Profit: $10
Retail: $349.95
Bought for: $55
Sold for: $105
Profit: $50
Retail: $303.14
Bought for: $50
Sold for: $90
Profit: $40
Retail: $51.99
Bought for: $8
Sold for: $15
Profit: $7
Retail: $599
Bought for: $100
Sold for: $180
Profit: $80
Retail: $141.75
Bought for: $22
Sold for: $42
Profit: $20

Real Life Users Of The App & Training...

I flip in my spare time as it helps bring in more of an income whilst I am at home as I have a baby.

I find it easy to flip as it works around me and my busy schedule, between looking after my little one and working in a clothing store part time.

I enjoy it and it helps pay the bills! Especially when lockdown happened, and I couldn't work at all.

The really helped during the pandemic and it also gave me something to focus on that I actually enjoy.

It didn't feel like work, it felt like fun hustling!  Haha!

Craig and the team also hooked e up with a contact to take my flipping to the next level with brand new items at insanely discounted prices!!!

Thanks ProFlipperz, for the education, the support, and most importantly the app which made life so much easier when selling.

Alessia la Rose

Full-time mom

With ProFlipperz I enjoy the hassle-free ease of the app, being able to scan and list my items in seconds is a huge win!

With the information and contacts provided by the team, the training & resources I'm able to flip anything from clothing to garden items!

I flip with my mum & my brother's girlfriend.  It gives us something to do together whilst making money and having fun!

Being a teaching, I also have a passion for books!  I'm given books and have my own section where I sell books for anywhere from $15 up to over $150+

I've made thousands of dollars by selling books that have been given to me and then share the profits!

Zero money spent, but lots make doing something I have a passion in!

I won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Megan Lee


I have a flipping business that I began back in 2020 when COVID was running rampant and I wanted something to do whilst bringing in some money for things I wanted.

A side-hustle to my normal 9-5 job to supplement my income!

I sell many items in various arenas from Facebook to eBay, car boot sales to collections!

I enjoy flipping as it's easy, quick money that is actually fun to do!  If I had to list things over and over and over manually, I'd hate it!

The app really does save hassle!  From listing items in many places to price matching and research too, it's a GEM!

My goal was to buy a motorhome to travel around the country with my partner.  I want to take this to the next level and go BIGGER now I know the true potential of flipping and the fast profits it brings.

It saves you money too!  Not just on finding things cheaper for myself and flipping, but discounted shipping is a godsend!  eBay will charge you more than they should for postages and I strongly dislike paying more than I should!

Awesome system!

Richard Hayes

Full-Time Worker

I just wanted to give a quick testimonial to ProFlipperz because I am so grateful for the opportunity that flipping has brought me!

I began flipping because my sister got me into it and haven't looked back since!

I've been searching for ways to enable me to kick off a side-hustle for quite some time over the past years, things like FM perfume.  I make sales of that, but I find flipping the items I acquire like ProFlipperz teaches to be much much quicker to sell!

I adore the app the guys have created.  It's just simple to use and upload my listings.  I most enjoy flipping clothes!  As fashion and clothing is a passion of mine!  I even working in a clothing retail store.

Laura Kimberly

Retail Store Employee

In lockdown, being a barber shop owner, it was impossible to make money as my shop was forced to close for the best part of a year.

I began flipping using the information provided by Craig & the team along with the app.

I flipped my way into profit quickly and it helped pay the bills!

I am not techy at all, but found this really easy and fun to do.

Thanks so much ProFlipperz!

Sean Hopkins

business owner

I'm always looking for a good side hustle and so glad I found ProFlipperz.

Steve, you're my hero! I've put so much cash in my pockets using your tips and methods.

You've definitely taken my hustle to a whole new level and nothing is stopping me now!

Trey Forster


I can't say enough about Steve's course. I made $2000 on my first deal working with him and the lessons taught in this course.

I'm a personal trainer and with COVID-19 it's been rough but I've been able to make even more now that I'm flipping.

Most of my flips I don't even use my own cash! God is good and keep fighting the good fight!

Anthony Calhoun

Personal Trainer

I've been looking for a way to get out of my dead end 8 to 5 job in the warehouse.

After buying the ProFlipperz course I've saved up over $8,000 in the last month which is twice what I make at my day job!

I'm planning on putting my notice next week!

The freedom this course has brought me is priceless and Steve is an amazing coach.

Tristan Moore

Warehouse Manager

The advice I've learned from the ProFlipperz course has enabled me to make over $22k just by paying attention to opportunities.

I made over $12,000 on one deal with Steve's advice. If you don't ask, you won't know.

For someone in the military this has been amazing in setting me up for retirement in the next 2 years.

I know what I'll be doing when I retire!

Eddie Perez

Air Force

As someone who lives on a fixed income, I really needed a way to make some extra cash.

With ProFlipperz, I was able to flip my first item in 24 hours and made $140!!!

Since then I've been able to give myself freedom I didn't think was possible.

Thank you Steve!

I've been able to travel and spend more time with my grand kids, without worrying about my bills. It's truly a blessing!

Lisa Hoard

Retired Grandmother

I was skeptical about the ProFlipperz course since I've flipped some in the past but so glad I bought it.

With Steve's personal coaching I've been able to make over $15,000 in less than 3 month part-time while I'm not working my full-time job.

I'm about to open my own shop and take my flipping to the next level!

Couldn't have done it without you Steve and looking forward to hitting the $100k goal!

Brian Shearin

General Manager

Funnel Details




  • 50% Commission
  • Ultimate Upgrade for ProFlipperz Mobile App
  • 2500 Advanced Scans & Listings Per Month




  • 50% Commission
  • ProFlipperz Flip Like A Pro Course & Case Study




  • 50% Commission
  • Done For You ProFlipperz Toolbox
  • Advanced Tracking Spreadsheet 
  • Pre-Flip Calculator 
  • Pre-Flip Checklist





  • 50% Commission
  • LIVE Mastermind Classes To Get You Hitting The Ground Running

This Includes The Following

Front End (FE)

ProFlipperz Mobile App

A full proof system for your customers to learn how to flip products easily and for amazing profits.  No minimum time requirements or limitations to how much they can make, it’s only limited by their ability to learn the different niches and grow their flippin’ muscles!

Subscription access to current version of ProFlipperz Mobile App

Multi-Lister (Marketplace)

For eBay, WooCommerce, Etsy, Bonanza & MORE!

Multi-Poster (Social)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok


Barcode Scanner, Reminders, Calculator, Flashlight (TORCH!!!!)

Coming in future upgrades (Again, not included here but in development pipeline)

Additional Marketplaces

Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Depop

Inventory Management

Centralize your changes to listings (Price changes, Sold out Items, etc)

Custom ProFlipperz Store

Host your own .com with our custom Wordpress theme and store builder

Dashboards & Metrics

KPIs & More...


Mobile App Ultimate Upgrade

Don't get stuck needing to upgrade later because your flipping business takes off!  Get a crazy upgrade on your monthly listings to ensure you take full advantage of your 10 year founder purchase.  This upgrade takes you from 250 monthly to 2500 each month!  


Flip Like A Pro Course

A full proof system for your customers to learn how to flip products easily and for amazing profits.  No minimum time requirements or limitations to how much they can make, it’s only limited by their ability to learn the different niches and grow their flippin’ muscles!

Intro/Basic Course covering
the following topics:


Facebook Group (All members group), My Email, Overview of Flipping

Creating Accounts & Navigating Each Market

Setup and Navigating Facebook, eBay, Craigslist

How to start with $0 and no automobile

Free stuff, Look around you, Work with others

Deciding what items to flip and how to find them

What to start flipping first, using searches & filters, product & price research, center of influence, auctions

The Art of Negotiation and Closing the Deal

Knowing what to offer, communication & clarity, customer service, speed low-ball approach

How to sell your items on each marketplace

Selling on Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, Cross Market, Same Market

Managing Your Flipping Business

Incorporate?, Bankroll Management, Space/Time/Money

Advanced Selling Techniques

Amazon Store Basics, Post Items Before Possession, Selling Bulk vs Single, Knowing When to Trade

Downsides to Flipping

Rude Customers, Don’t get stuck!, Scammers, Hurry Up and Wait 


Recap, Feedback, What’s Next?


ProFlipperz Toolbox

1 month Mini-boot (The four pillars) camp which is weekly live mastermind training inside an exclusive fb group the content put into a membership area to access afterwards.

Advanced Tracking Spreadsheet

A. Track Inventory & Expenses
B. Dashboard - Review Sales Profit, Average Hourly Income, Cash on Hand, Average Days to Sale
C. Full Profit & Loss Statement (For IRS, Accountant, Business Partners, etc)
D. One-Click Monthly Reporting in PDF format

Pre-Flip Calc

A. Enter Purchase Price & Parts Cost, then Enter Estimated Hours
B. Calculates Margin %, Profit Per Hour, & Prices to Sell on a Scale

Pre-Flip Checklist

Steve’s personal checklist of items you should always do on each flip to help avoid costly mistakes and save time. Post on your wall next to your computer!


Commerce Club & Mastermind

2 Week Mini-boot (The four pillars) camp which is 4 hours of live mastermind training inside an exclusive fb group the content put into a membership area to access afterwards.

Consists of two training sessions:

Session 1: Introduction & Overview

What is Flipping and Why?  - Common Market Stats, Love what you do by flipping what you love, unlimited potential just based on what niches you can learn

Review of Flip Products Like A Pro Course

Examples of Flipping Niches - Auto/Motorcycle Parts (Used or New), Pallets, Collectables (Star Wars, Action Figures, Comics)

Lead into Week 2

Session 2: Goals, Planning, & Execution

Goals - What are your goals, most successful when you match your lifestyle and financial needs/goals, example of Steve’s goals for flipping and even personally

Planning - Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
Execution - Hardest part is getting started, Getting past first road bumps (bad deal, communication issues, closing deals),

Just get started now!

$15,000+ In Competitions Prizes!!

 You Need To Earn Twice Than The Amount Of The Prize In Order To Qualify For The Full Prize Money.
If You Don’t Then You’ll Be Paid Out On A Pro-Rata Basis Based On The Commissions Made.

2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize


5th Prize


1st Prize


Competitions Prizes

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize


5th Prize


Important: You Need To Earn Twice Than The Amount Of The Prize In Order To Qualify For The Full Prize Money.
If You Don’t Then You’ll Be Paid Out On A Pro-Rata Basis Based On The Commissions Made...

Grab Your Tools

Click  to Access

Click  to Access

Click  to Access


In Pandemics, People
Either Go Broke, Or Get Rich!

Find Out How Unique System
Made Steve $4,000,000

You TOO Make Money In Your Spare Time & Start With $0 Spends

The Four Pillars Training

Free Training Emails for Affiliates

Subject: Free Training Inside [Act fast]

Hey there!

That's right, I've found something that is so so helpful to anyone wanting to begin a business for free.

I just knew you'd love it, so I'm sharing this...

...100% FREE training and even the method this training teaches it can be done starting with ZERO money and in ANY country.

If you've never made a dollar online or you just want to make even more money in a risk-free way that's seriously fun!


You see, Flipping is an art.. And not the traditional thought of flipping houses... I'm talking everyday items, in a fun and even FREE way if you know how.

The concept is simple... You find something cheap and sell it for more!

And AS QUICKLY as possible - Flipping is about speed.

Although the concept is simple, doing it RIGHT is VITAL!

And you can find out more inside CLICK HERE [LINK]

I know these guys deliver top quality training and tools.

I've seen the proof these guys have, not just of them doing
this themselves successfully... But their students.

Go take action TODAY! You'll thank me later!

Your Name

Subject: Did You Take Action?
[Four Pillarz Free Training]

Hey [NAME]

Were you one of the smart ones? And took action?

I hope so...

But maybe you missed it! I don't want you to miss out either, so I'm going to give you more information over the coming days.

I'm going to be teaching you WHY flipping is a great way to build a business in your spare time!

OR even better...

You can run this full-time if you want the next level!

Put it this way... The team giving you the free training has masses of expertise in this niche.

More than anyone I've seen, met or know.

In fact, on average... Flipping items in the main ProFlippers Head Honcho's spare time (A couple of hours a day) banked him upwards of 4million!


I just had to repeat that, as to me.. As a savvy business owner.. That's INCREDIBLE

What's even more incredible... is the results their students are getting.

Find out more, and get free training to begin your journey!


Your Name

Subject: Student makes $29.000+ in under 60 days and becomes business partner.


That's right, Steve Hitson the original founder of ProFlipperz Inc partnered up with someone he taught how to flip.

It was a chance meeting on a mobile game they both played that led them
to this opportunity to help you, to help others.

You see, Steve is a 7figure flipper. 500k per year on average. Selling items that people come to HIM to buy.

And it takes hardly any time at all...

Then you've got Craig. A 7 figure mentor & Software development company owner.

Mix the Two? What do you get?


Steve approached Craig to help launch his course! Craig Agreed, as long as it worked.

In as little as one hour per day, Craig ran the system to ensure it was good enough for others.

As Steve recently did a case study on how he made $10k profit in 140 hours which was a challenge he set himself... Craig wanted to run the challenge too!

To Craig's surprise, he banked $29,963.88 in 120 hours work!

And started with ZERO money!

How's that for a journey?

If you're truly interested in beginning a business journey that's simple to understand and simple to do.

Go sign up to their free training by going to this page: [LINK]

You'll see the proof of Craig's results too!

Your Name

Subject: You've Made Money... You Just Didn't Know It!

You've flipped before... You've sold items online and made money!

Of course... It was used items you no longer wanted... Or maybe you even seen something cheap and wanted to resell it! Smart move!

Where did you sell your clothes? shoes? car? fridge? And who did you sell them to?

to friends? family? people on facebook? What places? eBay, craigslist and others like gumtree perhaps?


Now imagine learning how to do it properly, scale it up from no money needed to grow a bankroll...

If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will!

What if i told you that you could generate over $10.000 dollars in your SPARE-TIME, doing only 140 hours… Without spending any money from the get-go.

Would you?

Craig did, and others too, even faster than that!

Also... What if I told you, you've made money online before... But you didn't realise it!

That's Right. You've successfully made money online!

ANDDDDDD What if I told you... That today you could begin a journey that could give you a side-hustle that pays more than 90% of 9-5 jobs or a full-time hustle that will take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Got your attention right? Good!

Because right now you could join people just like Steve's student turned now business partner who generated over $29.000 dollars in under 60 days starting with ZERO bankroll too!

You've seen the emails, and if you've not taken action yet...

This message should get you to!

I truly hope this helps you all acheive the results you deserve.

Go get it!

Your Name

Subject: Free Training... What's in it?

So you're on the fence about "Flipping perhaps" and want to know more?

It's Free, so you should be diving RIGHT in!

But if not... You can always go back and take a look HERE [LINK]

Inside the course, which again.. there's no cost to you at all, is the following:


30 pages of awesome knowledge which truly does work, and in any country.

If you don't drive, or have no bankroll... Or don't want to "risk" spending more money...

You don't have to!

This is the easiest and quickest method of making an income online.

It's all inside! Click Here To Find Out More <<<

Your Name

Subject: $10k Challenge

So... How about you take a challenge?

One that Steve the original ProFlipper set himself that started a whole heap of others successes!

If you're ready to go! Grab the free training over at[LINK]

Not ready for a challenge?

Why not?

How about you see the challenge that Craig, Steve's partner took the challenge and here's his results:

If you're interested in following in his footsteps in some seriously LOW time needed and with no money needed to start that video will get your flipping juices flowing come back to this email and goto: [LINK]

Let me know when you start!

It's exciting to see such a great opportunity and for free!

Your Name

Subject: This is the last day!

So you know how effective flipping is... You know how quickly you can get results...

You've even got the opportunity infront of you for free!

This is the last day I'll be reminding you to get it, because I'm not sure how long the training will be free for!

Your Name

Subject: FINAL Call For [NAME]

Hey [NAME]

This is the final email you'll be getting regarding this training.

You know the saying... You can lead a horse to water... But you can't make it drink!

That applies here!

I can only guide you the best way I possibly can.

The time is NOW to succeed.

The time is NOW to take action.

The time is NOW to push yourself.

What will happen if you don't take action?


Do you want that?

Didn't think so... Nor do I

Grab it now, it's your final chance! [LINK]

Your Name

Our Team

Steve Hitson has teamed up with Craig Crawford to deliver the the world an easily affordable and quickly profitable full course in how to flip offline products - Steve has generated over $4,000,000 with arbitrage and Craig Crawford has launched over $7,000.000 in sales on product launches.

This is an event that should NOT be missed, help your customers generate an income in these toughening times, whilst packing your PayPal's full of commissions!

Thanks for your support!

Contact us today

Steve Hitson


Craig Crawford


Our Team

Steve Hitson
Craig Crawford

Steve Hitson has teamed up with Craig Crawford to deliver the the world an easily affordable and quickly profitable full course in how to flip offline products -Simon has generate over $4,000,000” and should say Steve or Steve Hitson and Craig Crawford has launched over $7,000.000 in sales on product launches.

This is an event that should NOT be missed, help your customers generate an income in these toughening times, whilst packing your paypals full of commissions!

Thanks for your support!

Contact us today