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Tool #1ProFlipperz Advanced Spreadsheet

Complete With Time & Inventory Tracker

Here's What This Tool Will Allow You To Do:

  • Hone in On Best Sellers
  • Hone in On Seasonal Sellers
  • Find Where You Are Wasting Time
  • Find Most Profitable Products
  • Find Products That Give You Best Return On Time
  • Instant Bookkeeping With Full Profit & Loss
  • Track Purchase & Sale Pricing
  • Track Inventory Age
  • Tracks Monthly Profit
  • Track Profit Per Hour Per Month
  • Track Your Price Reductions 
  • Multi Currency Tool

Tracking your deals allows you to properly plan your business growth and have predictable and inevitable success.

On top of that.

With this spreadsheet, you're getting a unique and proven to work tracking system that allows you to scale your business effortlessly.

It's the EXACT tracking system that's responsible for us scaling our flipping business to $500,000 per year...

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Instantly Track Inventory & Expenses

Instant Review Of Sales Profit & Average Hourly Income

Get One-Click Monthly Reporting In PDF Format

Track Average Days To Sale & Inventory Age

Full Profit & Loss Statement For Your Accountant

Tool #2 - Pre-Flip Profits Calculator

Simply Enter Your Purchase Price & Costs + Your Hours

The Calculator Will Give Your Profit Margins,
Earnings Per Hour, & Recommended Price To Sell At

Tool #3 - Pre-Flip Checklist

Forgetting Something Like A Phone Charger Can Break A Deal. Never Get Caught Short Again!

Although it's part of the business, it's always better to avoid bad deals when you can.  I mean it's obvious.  Now, in most cases, unless you have years of experience and been through countless deals you won't be able to tell with certainty whether the deal that you are getting into is good or bad.

But with this checklist - YOU WILL. You will be able to reduce your bad deals significantly, you’ll save a ton of time, and maximize your profits tremendously.

This checklist will basically allow you to tap right into my experience and expertise and make decisions like an absolute Flipping Pro!

It doesn't get any easier than this!

Here's Exactly What You'll Get...

Save Time, Save Money & Avoid Costly Mistakes With Our ProFlipperz Toolbox!
  • ProFlipperz Advanced Tracking Spreadsheet - Don't continue to flipping products that don't bring you the kind of return YOU deserve!  This spreadsheet will make sure you're focused on the most profitable items... Items with the highest profit and the lowest cost of your MOST valuable resource, TIME!  We even include an amazing dashboard to help your visually see where you're getting the best returns of investment.
  • ProFlipperz Pre-Flip Calculator – Don’t leave the profitability of your flipping business to chance, plug in some simple numbers about your deal into our pre-flip calculator to see exactly what opportunity you have!  Avoid buying bad items with low margins or a low hourly rate.  Increase your profitability by knowing before you buy it!
  • ProFlipperz Pre-Flip Checklist - This is the checklist we personally use to evaluate every single deal and find out whether the flip will be profitable or not... Even before investing a single dime!
Advanced Tracking Spreadsheet

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  • Track Inventory & Expenses
  • Dashboard - Review Sales Profit, Average Hourly Income, Cash on Hand, Average Days to Sale
  • Full Profit & Loss Statement (For IRS, Accountant, Business Partners, etc)
  • One-Click Monthly Reporting in PDF format
Pre-Flip Calc

Retail $




  • Enter Purchase Price & Parts Cost, then Enter Estimated Hours
  • Calculates Margin %, Profit Per Hour, & Prices to Sell on a Scale

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