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against ALL odds…


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In Fact?







You just didn’t have what Eddie Perez had…




and SOLD them both for

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This isn’t scientific rocketry

YES, you AND everybody has already done this at some point in life.





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 Step 1 


Now, during this pandemic and more than ever, people need ways to

Increase your ca$h flow


and the simplest way to do that?”


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Hi, Steve Hitson here, to



Step 1-Get a plan!


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Just pull up a chair, because your flippin future is about to get REAL.




More people are working from home now than EVER before
It’s required for survival these days

But home based business are:




Difficult to start


Expensive to run


Super Risky






AND worse


During what you might think
would be a boom time for online businesses?

Ecom shops are failing!




while the whole world tries desperately to
start a home business or ecom store…


At a time when they need it most?



Because this pandemic has crippled Ecom with:



Slow Overseas


Hard To Track


Jammed On




Demand Has Skyrocketed
Competition Has Doubled!




And DON’T even think about the
Frustrating Ecom Technical
Mumbo Jumbo

Even if you get your shop online and figured out?


The overwhelming amount of people trying to start a home business are CROWDING the market at a time when buyers have less cash to burn for anything beyond what they NEED to survive.



CASH flows dry up faster than sales come in

and 90% of those businesses go POOF…
GONE in under 120 days!



Often robbing what little cash sellers have left before they can turn a profit.



Yet, right now during this pandemic, we battle tested our secret systems used to flip over


worth of new & used goods and right in the middle of the corona virus pandemic

In LESS than 140 hours:







Not days,


but in less than most folks work in only One Month?


we stuffed exactly



in cold hard cash PROFIT directly into our pockets


Fact is? I wasn’t difficult at all




Product Sales Grid BOX A – CONTENT HERE

Product Sales Grid BOX B – CONTENT HERE

Product Sales Grid BOX C – CONTENT HERE

Product Sales Grid BOX D – CONTENT HERE


Product Sales 2 Grid BOX A – CONTENT HERE
Product Sales 2 Grid BOX B – CONTENT HERE
Product Sales 2 Grid BOX C – CONTENT HERE
Product Sales 2 Grid BOX D – CONTENT HERE



The point is

You don’t need an ecom store

Just to build your dream


You can try

right Flippin’ NOW!




You don’t need







Online Business


Bank Account






Because CASH is king baby!


Look, we get it, for years everyone has been in hot pursuit of getting an online business.


There is NOTHING wrong with ecom or online businesses

They are just not as successful as everyone thinks

And they don‘t pay in cash!






This is an overlooked MONSTER!!



In March of 2020



2nd hand sales is already doing $25 billion/year!! “and is projected to DOUBLE TO “$51 billion/year
before the end of 2025

Flipping 2nd hand goods directly to buyers. Is right now exploding in popularity. People STILL prefer to shop local, in person and deal with people.




If done right, it can be not only safe but you can safely capitalize on markets many people are carelessly ignoring.
Yet, this is NOT just a pandemic fad…This trend has been silently growing for years.








Cancelling out debt
& stacking up cash!


People like YOU are flipping all kinds of things. PULLING DOWN HUNDRED$ and even THOUSAND$ of dollars in CASH!








Just, Flipping High Demand Common Items!


But here is the difference:


Proflipperz don’t just “pray” deals come their way, Neither should you!


That is no way to drive the kind of sales you want.. And it is No Way to run your business, If you want the flippin secrets to scoring the best deals and the inside scoop to offloading them FAST? If you truly want to Flip your way to financial freedom?


Making dough while the rest of the world is still trying to figure out how to set up their store? If you want to get started while they are still thinking about it And If you are ready to start flipping…


Even flipping STUFF You NEVER Owned?? YES!!




Are even CASHING in on quality merchandise they PAY ZERO DOLLARS FOR!


Everybody knows what it’s like to NOT have spare cash.

Bills pile up on top of debts, You can’t take the vacations you want. Sacrifices get made Getting ahead becomes all you think about…

Now don’t get me wrong, there ARE options, Like Ecom Stores, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, You can even find people killing it on Amazon & Ebay and others…





But to get Ecom shops started requires
time, money, training and taking risks. And lets face it,

If Ecom was THAT easy 90% would not fail so FAST!









If you want a REAL business TODAY

That is 100% in your control without the Amazon sized technical headaches?

Proflipperz Has an APP for that!






If you are looking at your future and it does NOT include a boss?

Or maybe you already run an online business but your cash flow doesn’t come fast or easy?



Try our community of
like minded flippers







  • Kick start your legitimate business
  • Gear up quickly
  • On your schedule
  • Grow on your own terms
  • Put Profit and cash flow directly into your hands!
  • Build something you can rely on with your own two hands




You wont need


  • Employees
  • Hard to use software
  • merchant accounts
  • OR being a slave to your customers.

Screw that!



Forget about


  • Constantly fixing websites
  • Burning the candle at both ends waiting for slow-boats and E-packets to deliver your customers orders from China?


No Thank you!



Who needs to


  • Hustle their butt off only to find your accounts hijacked because of too many “Funny” transactions

Losing access to your funds in no laughing matter



Or Worse


  • When the slow boats finally deliver ?
  • All you get is a boatload of REFUNDS? Due To complaints about cheaply made foreign products THAT are horribly late?


Who could blame them?




Who needs those problems?


Secure your Income,
Life and your Future!



  • 15 years of proflipperz experience.
  • Proven training and support community
  • secrets to uncovering all the best deals
  • battled tested liquidation strategies




Transform spare time to serious income!
Fast track your flipping success!

Own a business only

you control



  • Your own schedule
  • Your own future
  • Your own Cash Flow
  • Set your terms


Start building the life you deserve

Simply multiple
income streams



  • Multi Listing
  • On the fly product sourcing and lookups
  • Speed your time to source, list and SELL
  • Be one person flippin army


Automate and dominate your flippin world

Get deals everyone else misses



Shortcut your
long-term financial plan


If all you want is to be DIRECTLY in control of your financial future?
It doesn’t get anymore legit THAN FLIPPING!




Flipping is the OLDEST and EASIEST form of commerce on the planet!



  • You don’t need to be a gifted technical geek
  • You don’t need to be an expert at finding overseas bargains. We don’t bother with overseas anything!
  • And NO, you don’t need a high risk credit card merchant account… Heck you don’t even NEED a bank account at all!

Many Proflipperz who work with us, work STRICTLY in cash.

and YES, you can do this during the pandemic






Proflipperz are taking control of their lives AND their cash flow WHILE securing the comfort and safety of their families future. By simply using PROVEN strategies and easy to use battle tested tools,

YOU can start in your spare time and grow your flippin empire FASTER than ever before!

Hi, I’m Steve Hitson,
CEO of Proflipperz

That’s my wife and I when we got married, We help people like you
take shortcuts to a profitable business that you can easily understand, operate profitably, and grow to secure your future
That you are proud to call your own.


Now as you can see, we started our “family” plan EARLY!


So there wasn’t any room for mistakes OR failures! Lucky for me, before starting flipping I had already earned my masters degree
At the university of mistakes AND failure!




Ask yourself, Who do you know flunked University AFTER getting there on a scholarship? Oh yeah, THIS guy! OR Ever known anyone who was kicked out of the Military


when their Father is a retired commander?




You should have seen the look on Dad’s face, WINNING!


Before flipping changed my life and the life of MANY others, Messing up everything from a free rent deal at moms to losing a 9-5 at a sub shop, was just normal life.


EVERYTHING got massively screwed up, and there was NOBODY to blame except YOURS truly.




And when you hear Everybody should be doing this? Believed it.



This is 100% NOT rocket scientry



But it is important you understand HOW this life got so quickly turned around. Back in 2006/2007 life flat out SUCKED.



Living at mom’s, broke, with no job, no car, meant NO LIFE. But I have always believed that out of everything bad, comes something good. Out of sheer desperation, some personal belongings got sold.



Then a lightbulb went off AND a voice echoed a life changing message.







What if you could
flip stuff for a living?