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Building a business is like building a house… To have a strong house you need to have a solid foundation!
This is where the four pillars of this high level live Mastermind Training come into play, and backed with our exclusive Commerce Club you’re about to join, you are going to embark on a business venture the RIGHT WAY
Speaking of which…Here at ProFlipperz we pride ourselves in doing things the RIGHT way, and this includes ensuring our ProFlipperz Family do too.

The ProFlipperz course shows you what you need to do, and how to do it… We’re super proud of the course you’re about to embark on!
This offer isn’t something that you MUST have to ensure your success, but we’re aware that there’s a certain pace that people need and even more importantly, we are very much aware there is a big hurdle that people face.

Do you struggle with
Fear of failure/Self-doubt?

This is a huge reason many people don’t begin a business – But it’s something our training is designed to help you address, acknowledge and overcome.

We’re here to help you with your mindset in regard to the way you see failure. You see, people see failure as a bad thing, but in all honesty? I have failed so many times… It has gotten me to where I am now!

With us in your corner, you are about to beat this! Part of the mastermind and commerce club is dedicated to supporting you and any issues you may face

Do you struggle with
Inadequate resources 
to start a business

With this is mind for many, the course is something we have designed for ANYONE to achieve success with 0 capital to build their business.
This is inside the main training but the Commerce Club & Live Training’s here to help you deep dive even further into quick money-making tactics to alleviate that stress.

AGAIN… With ZERO starting funds.

Do you struggle with
The Fear of selling

Do not like the idea of selling? Feel Like You Cannot sell?

Firstly, by the time we are done with you… You will find the excitement in selling and ENJOY it!

Trust me when I say this, it’s fun and it's addictive.

Inside this extra bolt-on training & club we help you understand this niche and how best to start it!

How do we know you’ll overcome this fear?

Everyone we have worked with has!! You have come this far. You are no different

Do you struggle with
Feeling that starting a business is tough, hard work

Work smarter, not harder! – OF COURSE, it takes work to build a business and you would not be on this very page if you didn’t want to put some effort in and get the success you deserve, the success that helps you and others around you!

Whether it’s to free yourself from your 9-5.. To have more time and more money, or simply to have the money to treat your family to the things they deserve, and support loved ones.

In my experience, I have overthrown many obstacles, pitfalls & disasters so that you don’t have to experience them yourself and get held back

I know what takes the most time and effort and within the Commerce Club lives, I’ll be helping you - you’ll learn my struggles, mistakes and ways I avoid them now.

Do you struggle with
Suffering from 
information overload

We start you off simple, give you the basics and help you grow to be successful, with the mastermind it’s all about giving you the extra information in the right way, and the in right amount of bitesize chunks to ensure you avoid this pitfall many run face first into.

We give you the right things to focus on in the early days… And ensure your venture is off to a start that does not leave you feeling you’ve brain fog looking at a million working parts.

Our Mastermind training (The four pillars) which is a weekly live mastermind training inside an exclusive fb group is a sure-fire way to fire up your results. FAST! The content is put into a membership area to access afterwards so even if you miss it, you won’t lose out.
The Live Mastermind Consists Of Two 2-Hour Sessions

Our Mastermind training which is a weekly live mastermind training inside an exclusive fb group is a sure-fire way to fire up your results. FAST! The content is put into a membership area to access afterwards so even if you miss it, you won’t lose out.

The Live Mastermind consists of four weeks training

We'll Tell You Everything We Know About High Profit Flipping...

Session 1: Introduction & Deep Dive Into Niches

1. Introduction & Overview

Don't miss your chance to get a live introduction to Steve and Craig, the inventors of ProFlipperz.  Learn about their flippin' past along with what kept them going and growing!

We will take a quick overview of flipping and what it means to flip!

2. What is Flipping and Why?

We’re going to cover common market stats, revealing love what you do by flipping what you love, there’s unlimited potential here, we’re going head first into this niche!

Time to get warmed up! Understanding the niche is vital, it’s a key element to business success. From this point on, there’s clarity. Total clarity.

3. Review of Flip Products Like A Pro Course & explanatory tour.

Understanding and clarity is our focus right now, & this element of the mastermind is to run you through the course to ensure you know the path that you’re on, what you need to do, When you need to do it & provide you with the best in-depth understanding of the course

We’re going to avoid information overload, give you the right mindset for learning and push you in the right direction!

4. Examples of Flipping Niches

We will take you on a journey diving into niches to give you ideas of what you can get your teeth into from the get-go!

A struggle point for many people is direction, this again is designed to help give you the clarity you need to make the decision early on of which way you want to head!

Goals, Planning, & Execution

5. What are your goals?

We find people are most successful when you match your lifestyle and financial needs/goals!

You’re going to learn all the process of goal setting and set goals for yourself, we’re even going to give you example of my goals for flipping and even personally

6. Planning

We know you've heard the saying, "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!" but it's TRUE! 

Make sure you've created an action plan based on the goals from above.  Make your plan then stick to it!


7. Execution

The hardest part is getting started, avoiding the first road bumps (such as bad deal, communication issues, closing deals and more)

It’s time to get started right now!

‘Lock n Load’ time: You’ve been given the understanding of what you need to do… now it’s time to do it



One of the most popular niches which means it's competitive as well! 

Auto Parts

One of the largest industries online and in person.  Everyone needs an automobile!


Recreational Vehicles

Have fun while flipping if you enjoy jet skis, ATVs, golf carts, go karts, and more!



Tools and other small equipment are a necessity to people's lively-hood there for in demand! 



There are several types of pallets and ways to buy them... Make sure you fast track past all the mistakes!



Tons of sub-niches here but learn one of these and you'll be off to some amazing profits!



Women's fashion is one of the most profitable niches, men's as well but you better know your name brands!


This is an UNMISSABLE event for anyone serious about this venture! From how to flip deals with $0 down to big ticket items that’ll increase your bankroll and give you the cash boosts you’ll truly value!


We find the best way to get people taking action, is to give them an actionable plan to stick to.

You’ll be given an actionable plan to get your business headed in the right direction as quickly as possible,

Session 2: Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, & Marketplace Capitalization

Retail Arbitrage

Local Retail Stores

Local stores can have limited supply where you buy for standard retail and market it up 20% to 500%. Stores such as Target have items specific to their stores that people might not be able to get to locally.

US Based:
Wal-mart,Costco, Big Lots, The Home Depot, Target, Lowes, Best Buy, TJ Max, Dollar General, Kohls

UK Based:

Tesco, Morrisons, Sinsbury’s, 

Canadian Based:

Loblaws, Costco, Sobeys, Walmart, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Home Hardware


Search for clearance racks. Normally in front of the store, at the isle end caps, or other specific areas based on your local stores. Don’t be afraid to ask the workers there for help finding them.


Right before and after each holiday there are plenty of opportunities to buy seasonal items. Caveat is the ability to hold the items until they are worth more again next season/holiday.

Less Competitive than Online

Compared to online deals you’ll find less competition in the marketplace. You can talk directly with store employees to find out when stock will be replaced.

Low Start Up Costs

If starting at thrift stores or clearance sections you can build up your inventory and a relatively low cost with guaranteed success. You can do the research on the spot before buying to guarantee your success. Make sure to upload you Pre-Flip calc to your phone or google drive for remote access as needed and download the Mobile app for quick scanning/research.

Online Arbitrage

Online marketplaces

Retail included still possibly

More Possibilities

Much Higher Supply

More Competition

Warehousing Concerns

What to do when you run out of space?  Warehouse, local resources, sub-lease?

Amazon Pro/Cons

Gatekeeping Issues, FBA, Self-Fulfillment, & Do Books Still Work?


1. Facebook Findings

New Age Negotiation, Numbers Game, Messaging Limits, Seller Limits, Best Items To Sell

2. eBay Extras

Old But Still Good, Pay For Marketing, Auction Action, Listing Templates

3. Etsy Essentials

Etsy Best Practices, What Sells Best

4. WooCommerce Wonders

Simple Tips & Tricks, Enhance Your Store


It’s time to take it a step further, whether you’re going to get out in the field and get into retail arbitrage, or keep it strictly online…

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