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  • Pro Flipperz Pre-Flip Checklist - This is the checklist we personally use to evaluate every single deal and find out whether the flip will be profitable or not... Even before investing a single dime!
  • A list of the things you should always make sure to do on each flip.  This will help you avoid costly mistakes and save you time.  No one wants to lose a deal because of improper planning, don’t be that flipper!
  • ProFlipperz Pre-Flip Calculator – Don’t leave the profitability of your flippin’ business to chance, plug in some simple numbers about your deal into our pre-flip calculator to see exactly what opportunity you have! Avoid buying bad items with low margins or a low hourly rate.  Increase your profitability by knowing before you buy it!
  • Never get stuck trying to figure out whether you should get into a deal or not. Go through THIS checklist and it will give you the right answer.



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